referral scheme

Get paid by sending us, new customers!

referral Scheme

Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions:
    We = Season car and Chauffeur Hire. You = The person referring a new customer. New Customer = The new customer you introduce to us.
  2. This referral scheme is valid from 16th February 2017. We reserve the right to cancel the referral scheme at any time without notice. If we decide to cancel the offer, it will be clearly stated on this page.
  3. The referral fee is paid as virtual money into your account which can be used towards your next rental.
  4. To benefit from the scheme the booking must be completed by the new customer.
  5. The referral fee is paid instantly into your customer profile and will show as the discount on your invoice.
  6. Referral Fees will be paid for all customers you refer.
  7. The more your refer the greater the amount we pay you
  8. Up to ten customers, 5%
  9. 10+ Customers 7.5%
  10. 25+ Customers 10%
  11. The referral scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer such as a discount rate or project discount etc
  12. You can refer as many customers as you want and if they each rent a car you will be paid as per the metric above of the total booking value from the New Customer.
  13. Referrals fees will be paid on all bookings made by the new customer.
  14. When New Customer makes bookings please ensure they mention your name as in the existing customer so the discount is allocated to the correct account