BMW i7 Hire

BMW I7 Hire In London

BMW i7 Hire London

The all new BMW i7 hire vehicle is without question one of the hottest rental vehicles of 2023. This fully-electric car is the latest iteration of the 7 Series, with universally positive industry reception. On the outside, the styling is aggressive with large front air intakes and the iconic large BMW grill. The electric powertrain provides up to 300 miles on a single charge, allowing for longer trips than similar competitors. This luxury car also comes with some of the best tech options in the category including BMW’s driver assistance system. There is also a truly stunning rear theatre screen for passengers to enjoy entertainment in the highest quality of any saloon on the market. The performance and luxurious features combine to make this one of the most in demand saloons of the year. The BMW i7 offers a smooth and silent ride that offers drivers the relaxing experience that they often look for when renting a luxury car. The car’s interior is spacious and comfortable with an impressive amount of legroom and plenty of headroom. The car is also impressive when it comes to exterior design. It has a sleek and sophisticated look, with large wheels and a bold stance that shows off its power and elegance.

BMW i7 Hire London

BMW i7 Hire London- An elegant and

BMW I7 Hire: Performance

As the first electric 7 series, the BMW I7 is seriously impressive. The powerful dual-motor electric powertrain provides 400kw/745nm instantaneously. This allows for excellent acceleration, moving the 2640kg vehicle impressively quickly. Drivers who desire even more performance from their vehicle can toggle the Boost mode paddle mounted on the steering wheel for sport driving mode. The lengthy saloon body means this will never provide a true sports car experience, but overall performance is still excellent. 

Despite the weight and size of the BMW I7 Hire vehicle, the steering feels surprisingly light. Combined with rear-axle steering, this allows for greater maneuverability when changing direction. While luxury saloons tend to excel at passenger comfort over performance, the i7 strikes a good balance between the two.

BMW I7 Hire: The Experience

BMW i7 Hire London

BMW i7 Hire London- Interior

Beyond the impressive performance, there’s no question that the I7 is a serious luxury vehicle. The materials used in the cabin are all premium, from the crystal seat control elements to the cashmere wool seat coverings. Adjustable seats are supportive and extremely comfortable with features like heating and massage functions. The adaptive air suspension ensures phenomenal ride comfort over all but the harshest of road conditions. The cabin noise is similarly well-managed. The whisper-quiet electric powertrain and noise-dampening cabin guarantee an extremely peaceful journey and allow full enjoyment of the extensive entertainment suite.

BMW i7 Hire London

BMW i7 Hire- Rear Theatre Entertainment Screen

All BMW I7 Hire vehicles come with the incredible 31.3-inch widescreen entertainment unit for rear passengers. This is one of the largest in-vehicle displays on the market. The unit is controlled by small door-mounted touchscreens for a sleek modern feel. It is fully compatible with streaming services as well as HDMI input. The sound is powered by a 35-speaker, 1965W Bowers and Wilkins sound system. 4D sound effects vibrate (passenger) seats along with the speaker outputs for an immersive experience.

BMW i7 Hire London

BMW i7 Hire London- Rear touchscreen controllers

The I7 also packs impressive safety features. Driving Assistant Professional technology comes standard and includes autonomous emergency braking, lane-keep assist, lane-centering assist, blind-spot monitoring, front and rear cross-traffic alert, rear collision prevention, and adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go. Also onboard is a 360-degree camera, drive recorder, speed sign assist, and 7 airbags.

BMW I7 Hire: Summary

Overall, the BMW I7 hire vehicle provides an excellent blend of luxury and performance in a striking package. We anticipate strong demand for the I7 throughout the year. For a true luxury rental or chauffeur service, the BMW I7 Hire vehicle is an excellent choice. For those of you

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