Volvo XC90 Hire

Volvo XC90 Hire London
10.5 l/ 100 km
2000 cc
100/ day

Volvo XC90 Hire

Looking for a stylish, comfortable, and powerful luxury SUV? Why not check out Volvo XC90 hire from Season Cars? The Volvo XC90 is a stylish, understated large SUV that’s beautifully built, has space for seven and is packed with clever technology. It’s good value for money compared with its key rivals and comes very well equipped. A fabulous all-rounder that’s highly recommended.

Compare the most popular XC90 against similar models like the Audi Q7 and Range Rover Sport, and it looks like really good value. The XC90 is one of the safest cars you can buy. As well as all the crash protection you’d expect, it comes with a range of advanced safety features to help prevent you from having a collision in the first place.

As standard, you get an automatic braking system that can help to avoid – or mitigate – collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals. There’s also ‘run-off-road technology that uses the car’s steering and brakes to help prevent you veering off the road unintentionally, as well as front seats that are specially designed to reduce the vertical impact (and therefore spinal injuries) if your car leaves the road and lands heavily.

Few cars allow you to waft up to seven people around in as much comfort and style as the XC90.

Headroom and legroom – as you’d expect of a car this big and square-sided – is exceptional, especially in the front two rows of seats. Even the third-row seats offer good space for adult passengers, unlike some rivals. The seats in the middle row recline, fold and slide individually, while the rear pair can be easily folded away when not needed. In five-seat mode the boot is vast; even with the rear seats in place, there’s more boot space than you get in some city cars.

The cabin is a wonderful combination of luxury and practicality and blessed with top-notch materials and smart design. It looks great and feels beautifully built, while the large centre touch-screen that controls most functions is generally user-friendly. The driving position is commanding, too, while all-around visibility is excellent.

Please note that this price includes 100 miles per day, with additional mileage available for purchase. You may also be interested in Land Rover Defender Hire, The Audi Q7 Hire or Volvo XC60 hire.

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